“I chose to work with Rebecca because she has a reputation for seeing the best in people. I had never worked with a life coach before and had no idea what to expect.  That was probably good because working with Rebecca exceeded any expectations I might have had.

As promised, she helped me to find my own strengths.  Building on those strengths has helped me to find the confidence I need to work on weaknesses with realistic expectations, but Rebecca went beyond my own strengths.  She helped to uncover truths about the people around me, helping me to be more compassionate and improve my relationships.  I really did not expect that, but it might be the greatest benefit.

Finally, Rebecca’s attitude and her lifestyle that matches it has taught me to see the potential in others and in myself.  She didn’t teach it; she lives it.  This has been a great benefit to my heart, mind, and personal success.  I recommend Rebecca’s program to anyone who is ready to honestly evaluate her own position and wants to take significant steps toward self- improvement.”

Aimie Randall

I had talked to Rebecca in the past about her coaching program and was involved in a training she did on discovering your true purpose. I knew she could help me, but the very reasons I needed her coaching prevented me from working with her at the time.

Almost a year later, we reconnected through another program she was involved in. That’s when I realized I was going nowhere and really needed help. I decided to work with Rebecca to gain more focus and clarity on moving forward with my business and moving past the limiting beliefs and mindset that were holding me back.

Rebecca helped me discover the reasons I wasn’t having success in my business and helped me move past the fears that were preventing me from embracing who I was. With her help and encouragement, I was able to have a major breakthrough in my business and finally started getting results. 

Her help in identifying the lies I was believing about myself and replacing them with truth had a major positive impact on my personal life and relationships as well. 

I would recommend Rebecca’s coaching program to anyone who feels like they aren’t fulfilled in life or living up to their true potential. If you have negative thoughts about yourself or feel ‘stuck’ in life, Rebecca has an incredible way of helping you breakthrough and move forward. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it! 

Karen Holland

Working with Rebecca has brought me such a great understanding of who I am and what my purpose is! She has helped me understand the deepest parts of my heart and soul and helped me learn how to treat myself in a way that will give me positive results – with myself and with my relationships. I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to have her work wonders in me.

Paige Bodily

Often in my prayers, I just say “God Rebecca is such an amazing being, thank you for putting her in my life!”

Rebecca helped me to have clarity on the first weekend of coaching with her. Through her program, I was able to discover how I was designed and found peace with painful parts of my past. 

Rebecca helped see my purpose and how I can use my strengths for the plan God has for my life. 

Rebecca helped me to create boundaries that enhanced my relationships with others and I found confidence in my abilities to achieve great success. 

I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs guidance to create a clear and achievable path to success. As well as become a better person and grow closer to God. 

Ashley Lawson