About Rebecca





Hello! I am so glad you have stopped by. It is my hope that I can encourage you to
Shine your light into the world.

I am a Personal Growth Coach and I help people discover and embrace who they were created to be so they can have Personal Power and impact the world for good.

I empower with biblical truth and encourage you to combine your business and faith together so that you can experience the full measure of God’s blessing on earth.

I believe that we must Shine the light on all of the dark places of our past hurts and perceived failures so we can break the chains of limiting belief systems and inject new beliefs that will carry you toward a more free and satisfying  life.

There is nothing more powerful than living a purposeful life being authentically you! I can help you brand yourself to capitalize on your unique qualities, passions, and experiences so that you enjoy the work you do.

I am appointed to help you discover how amazing you are. I am excited to get to know you. I will do everything possible to help you to Shine so that you can fulfill your purpose on earth and live the life of your dreams.

To prove I want to help you I want to offer you a FREE 20 minute discovery call that will be all about you and helping you determine your next steps to living a life of fulfillment and purpose. Click Here to book your discovery call today!


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