Coaching is for you if… 

You Need Clarity of Purpose

You are ready to create change in your life but you have no idea what you want, who you are or where to start! Coaching will give you the clarity and action steps you need to transform your life as well as help you anchor your life in God to find the fulfillment you seek. 

You want to Take it to the Top 

You are ready to take your business to the next level so you can create the income you dream of but you have faced challenge after challenge that you have not been able to overcome. For too long you have tried to move forward but the “system”, hard work and passion to succeed have not been enough to get you over the hump. You have thought about giving up but you are tenacious and are now ready to fight the good fight to win the battle once and for all. Coaching will help you crush your limiting beliefs and spread your wings, to reach further than you ever have before. You desire to integrate your faith with your business so you no longer have to feel like you are choosing one over the other. You can have the peace and success God promises, as well as a successful business that sustains your dreams and fuels your need to make a difference in the lives of others. 

You want to Live the Dream

You have had success but now it is time to branch out and fulfill your heart’s desire. You don’t know exactly what it will look like or how it will play out but you are all in and ready to step out in faith. You no longer want to work for another and you are ready to step out and into your passion and purpose by creating a business that will sustain your financial desires and give you the life you have always dreamed of, a satisfying life full of hope and financial freedom. Coaching will support you on your journey and you will feel held and secure as you are wrapped in Gods truth. You will be provided the tools you need to put all of the pieces of this new puzzle together. You will not have to journey alone and as we combine our strengths and faith you will be able to step into the deep waters and know it is your destiny to fulfill. 

Coaching with Rebecca is an inspiring and effective experience because of her ability to see you as the unique and amazing person you are. Not only will you be seen, heard and supported with her encouraging words and faith-filled teaching but also everything you do together will be about helping you unlock what is already within you. You will not be put through a generic system, but one that will be tailored to you as an individual to engage your purpose and allow you to Shine God’s light into the world so you can make the impact you have always dreamed of. She combines the truth of the word of God with coaching skills and techniques that together are guaranteed to help you to break out of the good life and into the life of your dreams. You were designed for a purpose and it is time to live out your passions no more sitting on the sidelines waiting for your time to come. The time for you to Shine is now! 

One time session $150

This is perfect for you if you need to create clarity about what you need to focus on, want to set up congruency in your social media brand, or need to establish the path to get you living on purpose. In one session together we can also evaluate your strengths, determine your core values, or create a business growth plan. 

Bi-weekly sessions $250 per month (minimum 3-month commitment)

 Weekly sessions also available for $400 per month with a 3-month commitment. If you are ready to take yourself to the next level in life or business this is the support you need to get you there. Together we will establish your natural tendencies, strengths, desires and put you on the path toward a more satisfying life. Each call will help you establish intentions and give you the opportunity to identify any resistance you are facing as well as a simple plan of attack that will allow you to move forward toward realizing your goals. All of our work together will be tailored to your unique gifting and situation to give you the ultimate support and guidance that will elevate your life, business, and relationships 

Four 30-minute Coaching sessions can be added on to any course purchase and scheduled as needed for $200.

Laser focused sessions help you get the full measure out of every course. How to apply the course information to you as an individual and clarity in any areas you may feel resistance or confusion. Support and encouragement as you step into your greatness and go further than you ever thought possible.