Are you blocking your success by masking the authentic you?

Shall we determine if you are wearing a mask of average, perfection, or survival?

Do you need to take off your Average Mask?

To lay down the habit of being average you will have to learn to live outside of average; by stepping beyond the boundaries of the good life. The good life is deceiving because here you are all cozy and comfortable, things are predictable, calm and easy (because it is a world of sameness).

After all, isn’t this what we are taught to work toward; a life without troubles, conflict or fear?

I used to believe that a life like this is where success lived, but now I know it is a lie. When you choose to settle, and stop pushing yourself into discomfort you are in “the dead zone”. You want to be in the growth zone which has a level of discomfort, because you are getting out of your habitual mind (subconscious) and learning new things.  You are not just passively learning by reading or training, you are taking action, and using your powers to serve others like only you can. When you are out serving in the battle field of life, you will expose yourself to adversity, but it is the only way to perpetuate change in yourself and others. Be brave and exit the dead zone, so you can enter the growth zone!

When you have on your Average Mask, you are possibly spending your time utilizing your skill set, rather than tapping into your super powers. 

Unless you have been bold enough to step into the growth (fear) zone, likely you followed the path of least resistance. As you followed your life around, instead of intentionally leading it, you may have found yourself living a life that you built, but you do not like. When you activate your areas of power you will love what you are doing, and even feel enthusiasm for what is to come. If you are exhausted by what you do for work, it is possible you are not operating in your power zone. Yes, you can have a career and life you love! You are the leader of your life but you need to understand where you are powerful!

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Possibly, you are doing what I did for years, and you have built skills to survive in an industry that does not honor how you are knitted together. You look like you were competent and in control (you may have even achieved some success, from pure determination and pushing onward), but you are masking the conflict of your heart (dissatisfaction and depression) and the energy it takes to do something you are not knitted together to do.  You feel stuck and unsatisfied, but you do not know what else to do.

 Often, instead of acknowledging that your career is not a good fit for you, you beat yourself up and tell yourself that you the problem is you, that you are not enough.  You may feel that you have been doing what you do for so long now, that it is too late to try something new.  As time goes by you become comfortable with the struggle and dissatisfaction and you accept your fate of creating a GOOD (but not a fully satisfying, make you want to pop out of bed with zest) life. You begin to justify that a GREAT life was just not in the cards for you.

Wearing your mask of average keeps you from your best! You will find the success you seek when you begin to fully align with your most authentic self.

Another result of wearing your Average Mask is constantly looking to the world to approve what you are doing. You are constantly looking to the outside world for feedback to help you decide if you are on the right track, rather than seeking your guiding truth from within. You are listening to the noise of the world to define what a fulfilling life should look like, rather than aligning with the whisper of wisdom that desires to guide you to your full potential.   You spend most of your time doing what the rest of your association is doing, until you no longer identify that you are living an average life when you were called to a life of greatness.

 Take off your Mask of Perfection!

 If you were meant to be perfect there would be no reason for grace. When you are wearing a mask of perfection, you spend your energy and emotions working for the approval of others, rather than focusing on how you can best serve the people that need what only you possess. When something threatens your ego because there is a crack in your perfection mask it will make your blood pressure rise and stress will rule over you because you are committed to protecting yourself from any criticism, disappointment or conflict.

 You wear this mask as you work hard at creating a mirage of perfection. Your social media represents your amazing life (all smiles and adventure) with no one the wiser to the vulnerable you. Certainly, I am not advocating to share your problems for all to see. What I am saying is, many times when you try to portray a life that is rainbows and sunshine, it is a mask. You know it is not real, it took 10 shots to get it just right. If you were to take off the mask and share a little vulnerability, you could better serve your followers.

Also, when donning the Perfection Mask you can fail to take a leap of faith. It takes courage to allow others to see you fully, but it will be necessary to get a little uncomfortable and risk facing rejection or experiencing failure to launch what you have created for all of the world to accept (and be transformed by), or condemn (Haters gonna Hate)!

Take off your Survival Mask!

You are empty and in perpetual survival mode because you do not know who you are, and are operating from your lack rather than abundance.

When you do not know your value (operating on empty), you are easily frustrated by others. Be aware that others are like a mirror to your soul; reflecting the things within you that you are not at peace with. Think about it, it only bothers you because is hitting a nerve within you. Begin to take responsibility for the negativity you feel, and learn to reflect inward to discover exactly what needs healed in your own heart.  I have found that people with high self-esteem are not easily triggered, but people with low self-esteem are easily riled up. You must acknowledge and heal your wounds and insecurities to invite the huge success you desire into your life. 

 When you are in survival mode you may be wasting your energy by comparing yourself to others, instead of fully engaging your own power and purpose. No one compares to you, no one! You are knitted together uniquely for a purpose. Nothing about your life is a mistake. Even the experiences you have endured (that you would rather forget) can play a part in your purpose and will help you to serve others better. You are complete! A Masterpiece to be unveiled. You will also be a work of art in progress all of your life.  Enjoy the journey of what you are becoming along the way. Be empowered with the knowledge of how amazing you are. Get to know yourself, build self-awareness and understand why you do what you do.

 You may have put on the masks of survival when you stop honoring your needs. Possibly this happened because as the responsibilities of your life grew, your solution was to stop doing the things that made you feel alive. Slowly you started denying your needs, passions and desires, and life squeezed out every drop of replenishment time. You are running on empty, filling up with guilty pleasure to keep you going (food, shopping, reality tv, etc..), instead of being still and connecting with the one who knows your in-most being. You were never meant to operate on empty. Fill up, so you can pour out without feeling bitter or depleted. Taking time for yourself is not selfish, it is necessary. I invite you to take off your survival mask and indulge in some much need time of renew, to listen and acknowledge what is missing in your life. 

Be honest with yourself and identify where you may be wearing a mask. Peel it off, lay it down and start being Authentically You. Remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Feeling Peaceful, Powerful and Confident are a reward of allowing your authentic self to take the lead.

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 Shine like only you can,

5 Responses

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I think you have some made some great points here about our masks and making sure we live from our truth. One thing that I have learned is that when you are trying to move out of your comfort zone, you need to be careful with how you feel with discomfort. Just because someone is doing something they have never tried before doesn’t mean they will be happy or feel good about it. Leaving behind everything everyone told you about life and striking out your own needs to be done with the most honest and pure feelings. And you must be able to admit those feelings, especially when they don’t feel good. Not wearing a mask for yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings is a great way to get to your pure and authentic feelings.

    1. Thank you Jessica. Yes, this is a very important point. Being honest with your feelings is imperative.

    1. Yes Karen.
      Learning only what you need to take action is called “on time learning” and it is a wise way to run your business.

  2. The action I need to take to be in the grow zone is overcoming my fears that no one will show up for my webinar. This year I want to do 2 webinars a month, 1 for clients and 1 for people who said no to us. Educational focused then at the end share for 5 min about a special offer. My mask is around not having fears and looking really confident by signing up to hold my Mastermind accountable to do a webinar first week in February too and being a cheerleader but then I’m not binding my landing page, PowerPoint, or emails. So this week that’s what I will focus on to grow.

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