Social Networking For Network Marketers

simple ways to keep your lead list growing daily (using facebook) so you never run out of people to reach out to.

Social Media and especially facebook, gives you a bottomless resource to seek out and attract your ideal client to you. 

Approach networking with a heart to serve not sell!

Gone are the days of having to meet someone in public and try to awkwardly drop a message when you have barely had time to chat.  Trying to capture their contact information, within minutes of meeting them in line at the grocery store. (Yes I did it, but thank God I no longer have to). Now we have Facebook. Hallelujah!  

If you do that in person or online these days it will feel creepy to them, and likely they will not trust you because it feels selfish, and it is! 

No worries though, you can leverage social media to generate leads daily, and feel good about the interactions you are having with people. Since leads on social media are never going to run out you can go slow and get to know new connections without feeling pressured to close with them on day one. 

Simple ways to network on Facebook to have an endless stream of leads

1. The 3 Amazing Resources to look at you are likely ignoring 
2. Social Networking Guidelines that will get you better results and build long term relationships
3. How to leverage groups appropriately to network and connect with your ideal client

If you are new to social selling or ready to become an influential powerhouse I have a gift for you!  Get my step by step guide on how to use social selling in your network marketing business.  Access my free guide to social selling by clicking the button below.

3 Resources for leads on Facebook you are probably ignoring

1. Pending Friend Requests 

2. Suggested Friends

3. Friends Of Friends

When you start opening up your personal social media to people other than your friends and family, it can feel a bit uncomfortable. When you invite people onto your social platforms one suggestion is to go into your settings and make sure no one can post to your page without your approval. 

Before you accept requests, invite a suggested friend or ask a friend of a friend to be your friend on facebook there are a couple of important steps you should be taking. 

Do a little research on them. Go to their profile. If they don’t have many friends this may be a sign they are very private or not active on social. If they have a private profile you may not be able to see much but I generally go on and peek around to try to get a feel for them. You can also  search keywords on their profile (click on the 3 little dots) and you can search their profile for keywords that your ideal client would be likely be into. My ideal person is a woman of faith so I will search terms like God, prayer, etc. If you are in the wellness category you may search terms such as health or exercise.  

Next, see what you have in common. See if you have mutual friends, Look at their about info, this may give you an idea if they are someone you are interested in connecting with. When you are asking a friend of a friend to connect it is wise to drop them a message and say “we are both friends with (name of friend) and I also (something else you saw that you have in common) so I am sending you a friend request”. Since you have a common friend they will likely friend you back. 

Lastly, if you are just not sure,  either friend them and then go check out their profile or start a chat with them to try to see if they are a good connection for you.  

If you don’t know your ideal customer then you may want to access this Ideal customer workbook. This is vital information for marketing, referrals  and attracting new customers to you. 

You have to know your Ideal Customer to implement Social Selling effectively!


Knowing your ideal client will help you to determine where they are hanging out on facebook. 

1. Who do they follow

2. What interests do they have

3. What types of groups would they be in seeking solutions to their problems

Social Networking Guidelines


Once you become friends with someone it is a good practice to send a hello message or voice to greet them and get a conversation started. 


Many people are being taught to invite people to be friends, jump into their messenger, say “how are you’ and immediately ask them if they are interested in buying or joining their team. Please, Please, Please don’t do this if you want a longterm business where customers you refer you. It is necessary to get to know them and build rapport before you start asking them for anything. 


As soon as possible go to their page and comment or like a post. Look for authentic and genuine ways you can connect with them. Show that you are interested in them as a human not just making money. 

Leveraging Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are ripe with your ideal customer, you just have to know where to look and how to engage appropriately in a group. 

  • Find 2-5 groups and commit to going in and interacting for a few minutes in each one, every day, and this will help people see your name repeated subconsciously building trust. 
  • Like and comment on posts by either being supportive, or if you have knowledge to share on the subject you can shine as a resource to others. 
  • Support the leader of the group and be respectful of what they have created. This is their house and you are the guest. Never come in and present yourself in a way like you are the group leader or they may boot you out of the group. If you treat them with respect, likely you will be a welcomed asset to the group.
  • If you have an opportunity to offer a resource or help solve a problem for someone ,it is a good idea to jump into their messenger and tell them you may have something of value to offer. Ask if they are open to you sending the link or chatting with them about it.  

First, determine what you have in common with your ideal customer to seek out groups of interests.

Once you know your ideal customer you can also think about passions you have that they may also have. Look for groups that people that have similar interests to you and it will be easy to strike up a neutral conversation until you can ask them the right questions to see how you can best serve them. 

Next, find groups that serve your ideal client but have a different offer than you

Think about where your ideal client is going to learn or experience community on facebook. It is ideal if it is a group that serves your ideal customer but doesn’t offer the same product/service that you offer. Show up every day so they can see your name and get comfortable with you. Try to offer valuable responses, compliment people, encourage and inspire as often as possible. Support the leader by showing them you appreciate what they have created and encourage often.

Another Idea is to look for group leaders and participants that are experts in their genre that you may be able to collaborate with. 

Giving others a chance to shine will expose you to their audience and you to theirs. It gives you an opportunity to be placed as an authority in your niche and build your following. 

  • You can do a zoom on a topic relevant to your niche and post it to a page
  • Do an interview or series together
  • Invite them to do a Facebook live with you. 
Lastly, but most important. Create your own group in your niche. 
Having your own group is a bit of work.  You have to be committed to showing up and serving but it is the absolute best way to create a solid customer base. Think about it this way, when you approach people about your business even if they are not yet ready to buy or join you,  they are likely going to say YES to being in your value and content rich group, if they are an ideal customer. 


That is all I have for you today. If you want to successfully use facebook to network follow these simple tips. 

  1. Show up and shine online by posting value driven content 1 to 2 times a day 6 days a week. 
  2. Network online daily to keep your lead funnel flowing. 
  3. Build Social Influence by becoming an authority in your niche by having a strong personal brand, being consistent, and solving their problems. 
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