Social Selling Tips To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Social Selling Tips that will help you grow you network marketing business faster.

3 actions every network marketer needs to be doing to ensure growth, and 6 pro tips for posting on social media to build relationship, create social influence, and increase income.

Social Selling is 95% Relationship and 5% selling

My definition of social selling is when someone in network marketing leverages social media to build relationship with potential customers while they inspire, educate and nurture current customers. (without annoying their friends and family who are also on their social media) 

3 Actions you should be taking to ensure your network marketing business is always growing are: 

1. Posting on Social 1 to 2 times every day 6 days a week (6 pro tips below)
2.Social Networking Daily (Click Here for a detailed video on Social Networking for network marketers)
3. Build Online Influence by become known as an authority in your niche. 

If you are new to social selling or ready to become an influential powerhouse I have a gift for you!  Get my step by step guide on how to use social selling in your network marketing business.  Access my free guide to social selling by clicking the button below.

6 Pro Tips For Posting On Social

1. Post Value Driven Content

This means that you are intentionally seeking out and planning content that you know your audience will find valuable. It will be either entertaining, inspiring, interesting and most of all helpful to them. 

2. Mix It Up And Post Both Personal and Business 

You are a Personal Brand so it is important to step out from the shadows of your product/service and let your audience see you and hear your authentic life and opinions. so that you are showcasing yourself instead of it feeling like an ad. People do not like ads on social so make your offers soft and tell stories that sell them for you.  My rule of thumb is to do 2 personal posts, 2 product/service driven post, and 2 connecting points posts weekly. That would be a good mix. 

  • Personal Posts could be: family moments, sharing your faith, behind the scenes of your life & business, or your inner journey and how you have overcome struggles and created “wins” in your life. 
  • Product/Service Driven posts are:  attraction marketing posts where you speak what you have to offer or the benefits your product gives,  without saying the brand you represent or exactly what it is. This is where you have an opportunity to solve their problems by placing what you have to offer as a solution. The reason this works is people are curious so they will ask questions and this gives you an opportunity to create relationship, serve their needs and possibly make a sell. 
  • Connection Posts have little to do with you business and it is more about you, your passions and your purpose. These posts connect you to your audience and make you relatable. Connection posts are your hobbies, passions, causes you support, things you love, etc. 

3. Be Helpful

Think about what they need. What problems do they have that you can solve. What resources can you share to help them save time, save money, or increase their well being. Share with them things that you have used or do that make your life better. 

4. Create Conversations

Don’t post and ghost. The point is to get people in engaged in a positive and uplifting conversation. In every post try to find a way to ask them to pipe in by either sharing their opinion, answering a multiple choice question you have asked them, or for them to share what they do to solve the problem you have brought up. Respond back to every comment and do your best to continue the conversation. Go deeper and ask more questions that they will feel compelled to answer. Not only does the algorithm love this, THIS IS HOW YOU BUILD RELATIONSHIP! 

5. Tell Stories Not Just Facts

Stories are are powerful way to engage people, because when you tell a story peoples brains actually sync along with the story you are telling, and it is also easier for them to remember a story rather than a fact. Stories draw people in and because they want to know how the story ends they are more likely to read the whole post. It is important for you to have a collection of stories that you can share about your product/service. You can use the power of story to share why they may want what you offer for themselves.  If you want to get good at selling you need to get good at sharing stories. 

6. Share Photo’s Of You

Photos with you in them will tend to get 50% more engagement. Overcome the lie that you are vain if you post photo’s of yourself. You are the face of your brand and people want to see you. Disclaimer: You don’t want just boring selfies of you over and over. Do intentional photo shoots and gather a collection of interesting photo’s of you to draw them in.  Take photo’s of you engaging in your passions, eating your favorite food, having fun with your family, interacting with your products. 


Social Networking

If you want to get out of your inner circle and have a thriving network marketing business the trick is learning how to network. Of course there are always old school ways of doing this by attending networking events, events hosted by friends, and even striking up conversations with strangers at the park or grocery store. If you have these opportunities take them, but it is easier to do this on facebook and the best part is you don’t have to approach them about your business right away and you can take time to build a connection first. I don’t know about you but that is much more appealing to me. 

Facebook is set up to be social. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Find 3-5 facebook groups where your ideal customer hangs out and show up every day for a few minutes to comment, engage and connect with others. 
  • Create a group in your niche and fill it with your ideal client
  • Collaborate with others who share your ideal client but have a different offer than you

*If you don’t know your ideal customer then you may want to access my Free Ideal Customer Workbook by clicking the button below

You have to know your Ideal Customer to implement Social Selling effectively!

Building Social Influence

Building influence on social media is all about making yourself of value to others. It is not about selfish ambition. A Modern influencer has their arrows pointed out and their heart is to serve not just profit from their social followers. When you can build trust with people and they know you are here for the long term it will transform your business because this is how you get people to refer you. 

First of all, have a powerful personal brand that makes you memorable and helps you stand out from the noise online.

Second, build influence by showing up consistently on your social platforms. (Pick just one to start) I suggest either Instagram or Facebook. Post value driven content consistently to keep them engaging.  

Lastly, and a very important tactic is to know what problems you can solve, and get good at communicating on social (through the power of story) that you have a solution to their problems. 

That is all I have for you today. If you want to build your social influence and increase your income remember these 3 tips.

  1. Show up and shine online by posting value driven content 1 to 2 times a day 6 days a week. 
  2. Network online daily to keep your lead funnel flowing. 
  3. Build Social Influence by becoming an authority in your niche by having a strong personal brand, being consistent, and solving their problems. 
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  1. I love how much useful content you are providing here. So easy to navigate. Thank you so much! Identity, influence, income. BOOM

  2. These are great tips to start really gaining traction for network marketing! Sharing pieces of ourselves that aren’t just about business so that ideal clients see us as relatable people is golden advice!

  3. Great article, Rebecca, with lots of juicy details! I love how you were talking about telling stories and not just sharing facts. This has made such a difference in my business. Also, THANK YOU for the freebies! Absolute gold <3

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